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St. Cyril Initiative For Patients' Support

Early diagnosis and timely and efficient treatment are critical to saving lives of cancer patients. St. Cyril Initiative For Patients' Support (S.C.I.P.S.) is setup to support patients who are registered with the Foundation and need financial support to receive proper and holistic treatment in a timely manner.

Right Attitude

Did you know that in Nigeria, over 100,000 people are diagnosed of cancer yearly and about 80,000 of them die?

A good percentage of young people die in the first year after diagnosis. This may be as a result of :
Lack of financial support
Worry of social stigmatisation
Fear of losing their partner.
24% of patients in low-income countries suffer from "Major Depressive Disorder". Outcomes of patients with cancer is better in those with adequate support such as family, social, health e.t.c.

Therefore,families, workplaces, friends, religious organisations and the government have distinct roles to play in patients' outcome by showing "The Right Attitude" to their wellbeing and survival.

St. Cyril Cancer Initiative for Cancer Support, S. C. I. P. S is geared to support patients financially so as to receive proper and holistic treatment in a timely manner- this in turn increases survival chances. Patients are supported via donations from friends and the community at large. These funds are solely driven into patients wellness. To support this initiative, kindly make donations by clicking the donate button below.
Bank: Union Bank